Top 5 Most Popular Log Shippers

The Log Shipper Poll results are in!  We run Logsene here at Sematext, so we wanted to know what people like to use to ship their logs.  Before we share the results, a few words about the poll:

  • We published it here on our blog on September 22, 2014
  • We automatically tweeted it and posted it to several Devops and similar LinkedIn groups
  • We did not post it to groups or mailing lists for various log shippers we included in the poll to avoid bias
  • We collected 115 votes until now

That said, let’s see how log shipper popularity breaks down.

You can tweet the results of this poll here: Top 5 Most Popular Log Shippers

Log Shipper Popularity

Log Shipper Popularity

Don’t forget to check out Logsene – our Log Management Cloud/On Premises service that will happily take logs from Logstash, Flume, rsyslog, Fluentd, Syslog-ng, syslogd, etc.  Check How to Send Logs to Logsene to see how easy it is.

Poll: Using SolrCloud or Not?

It’s been 9 months since we conducted a poll on SolrCloud usage.  A lot of things can change in 9 months.  SolrCloud itself went through a ton of development and bug fixing since our last poll.  It’s time to see how many of us are using SolrCloud now, at the end of 2013.

Please tweet this poll and help us spread the word, so we can get a good, statistically significant results.

ZooKeeper Poll Results

We’ve collected 50 votes in our ZooKeeper Usage Poll over the last few days.  Here are the results so far:

  • 66% of people use ZooKeeper directly
  • Another 16% use ZooKeeper indirectly
  • 18% do not use ZooKeeper at all

This puts total ZooKeeper usage at over 80%.  BUT:

Direct ZooKeeper usage being so high at 66% seems a little high and indirect usage being so low at 16% doesn’t feel quite right.  ZooKeeper is used by Hadoop, HBase, SolrCloud, Kafka, Storm, and a number of other popular distributed systems that one would think indirect usage would be much higher than direct usage.

What’s your take on these numbers?

Poll: Are You Using ZooKeeper?

In the last decade the world of distributed computing has exploded and Apache ZooKeeper is often at the center of it….which is why we just added ZooKeeper monitoring in SPM.  Let’s see what percentage of us use ZooKeeper.

Please tweet so we can collect a large number of votes and get a statistically representative sample.

Please tweet about Poll: Are you using ZooKeeper?

Poll Results: Hadoop YARN vs. pre-YARN

Back in April 2013 there was a poll in Hadoop Users LinkedIn group:

YARN or pre-YARN – which version of Hadoop are you using?

Because we were working on adding Hadoop monitoring to SPM, this was an important question for us – which version of Hadoop should SPM be able to monitor?

Here are the results of that poll:

Hadoop MRv1 vs. Hadoop YARN

Hadoop MRv1 vs. Hadoop YARN

As we can see, most Hadoop users are still using the old version of Hadoop and are not using YARN.  The percentage in the “YARN” bar at the top is partially hidden, but it’s 13% — only 13% of Hadoop users who responded are using Hadoop YARN.  But combine it with 17% of people who said they are moving to YARN, it’s 30% all together.  Still only about 1/2 of the total number of Hadoop MRv1 users, but if we asked that question in early 2014 we would likely see a close tie.

So which version of Hadoop are we supporting in SPM?  Both!  With SPM you can monitor both Hadoop MRv1 and Hadoop YARN.  And if you are using pre-YARN Hadoop today and want to switch to Hadoop YARN later, that’s not a problem for SPM.

Poll: Using SolrCloud or Not?

We know that as of February 2013, of those Solr users who follow Sematext Blog about 75% use one some version of Solr 4.x.  But today we are trying to get to another interesting stat:

What portion of Solr 4.x users use SolrCloud?

Let’s find out!  Please tweet this to help us get more votes and better stats.

Please vote only if you are using Solr 4.x.  Please do NOT vote if you are using 1.x or 3.x version of Solr.

Poll: Which Solr version are you using?

With Solr 4.1 recently released, let’s see which version(s) of Solr people are using.  Please tweet it to help us get more votes and better stats.


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