Announcement: Redis Monitoring in SPM

Don’t worry, we didn’t just stop at Storm monitoring and metrics while improving SPM.  We’re also happy to announce support for Redis.

Specifically, here are some of the key Redis metrics SPM monitors:

  • Used Memory
  • Used Memory Peak
  • Used Memory RSS
  • Connected Clients
  • Connected Slaves
  • Master Last IO Seconds Ago
  • Keyspace Hits
  • Keyspace Misses
  • Evicted Keys
  • Expired Keys
  • Commands Processed
  • Keys count per db
  • To be expired keys count per db

Also, for all application types users can add alerting rules, heartbeat alerts, and Algolerts, as well as receive emails with performance reports for a given time period.

Enough with the words, these are what the graphs look like — click them to enlarge them:





Used memory/Used memory peak/Used memory RSS chart



Keyspace Hits chart



Expiring Keys chart



Evicted Keys chart

And we’re not done.  Watch this space for more SPM updates coming soon…

Give SPM a spin – it’s free to get going and you’ll have it up and running, graphing all your Redis metrics in 5 minutes!

If you enjoy performance monitoring, log analytics, or search analytics, working with projects like Elasticsearch, Solr, HBase, Hadoop, Kafka, Storm, we’re hiring planet-wide!

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