What’s New in SPM 1.13.0

We pushed a new SPM release to production this morning and it’s loaded with goodies.  Here is a quick run-down of a few interesting ones. The slightly longer version can be found in SPM Changelog:

PagerDuty integration. If you are a PagerDuty user, your alerts from SPM can now go to your PagerDuty account where you can handle them along with all your other alerts.

Ruby & Java libraries for Custom Metrics.  We open-sourced sematext-metrics, a Ruby gem for sending Custom Metrics to SPM as well as sematext-metrics for doing the same from Java.

Coda Metrics & Ruby Metriks support.  We open-sourced sematext-metrics-reporter, a Coda’s Metrics reporter for sending Custom Metrics to SPM from Java, Scala, Clojure, and other JVM-based apps, and we’ve done the same for Metriks – the Ruby equivalent of Coda’s Metrics library.

Puppet metrics. We begged James Turnbull to marry Puppet and SPM and write a Puppet report processor thats sends each of the metrics generated by a Puppet run to SPM, which he did without us having to buy him drinks….yet.

Performance.  We’ve done a bit of work in the layer right behind the UI to make the UI a little faster.

CentOS 5.x support.  Apparently a good number of people still use CentOS 5.x, so we’ve update the SPM client SPM to work with it.  You can grab from SPM Client page.


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