Solr vs. ElasticSearch: Part 6 – User & Dev Communities

One of the questions after my talk during the recent ApacheCon EU was what I thought about the communities of the two search engines I was comparing. Not surprisingly, this is also a question we often address in our consulting engagements.  As a part of our Apache Solr vs ElasticSearch post series we decided to step away from the technical aspects of SolrCloud vs. ElasticSearch and look at the communities gathered around thesee two projects. If you haven’t read the previous posts about Apache Solr vs. ElasticSearch here are pointers to all of them:

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Solr vs ElasticSearch: Part 5 – Management API Capabilities

In previous posts, all listed below, we’ve discussed general architecture, full text search capabilities and facet aggregations possibilities. However, till now we have not discussed any of the administration and management options and things you can do on a live cluster without any restart. So let’s get into it and see what Apache Solr and ElasticSearch have to offer.

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