Poll: What do you use for Solr performance monitoring?

The results of this poll will be included in the “Large Scale ElasticSearch, Solr & HBase Performance Monitoring” presentation at Berlin Buzzwords next week.  Please vote and share this post to help us make this poll statistically significant!

12 thoughts on “Poll: What do you use for Solr performance monitoring?”

    1. @Steffen – thanks for the info. Out of curiosity, why do you monitor just replication. Are you seeing issues with replication? Also note that Nagios is not really a performance monitoring tool, but is about availability, as far as I know – it tells if you something is up or down, but doesn’t tell you the average latency of queries in the last 1 hour, zum Beispiel. Right?

      1. We are using the remote execution capability of Nagios to execute any kind of script on a remote host in order to generate performance or availability metrics. This data is then collected an visualized by the pnp4nagios plugin. Not very fancy but stable and we can monitor pretty much everything with one system. But you have to write a lot of test scripts :-(

        I´m looking forward to attend your talk at the Berlin Buzzword Conference.

        1. @Steffen – Yeah, that “But you have to write a lot of test scripts” is one of the things products like SPM or NewRelic solve. The spaghetti of fragile scripts, maintenance, configuration, etc. But I’d love to see what you’ve put together! Please stop by our booth in Berlin.

    1. @Rahul – thanks for the info. Please note that JMeter and SolrMeter are good for stress/performance testing, but they are not performance monitoring tools.

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