Which Lucene or Solr Branch to Use

If you are still wondering about which Lucene or Solr version to use and you want to live on the nearly bleeding edge, here is a snippet from one of our customer’s emails from earlier today:


first of all thanks so much for your suggestion about using

It really changed our life!
It’s working well end seems much more stable than trunk/dev.


Is anyone still using Lucene/Solr trunk?  Are you?

3 thoughts on “Which Lucene or Solr Branch to Use”

  1. Do you concur with your client’s assessment that branch_3x is more stable than trunk?

    I want to use multi-word synonym in lucene (which is in solr). I am on Lucene 3.0. Can I move to branch_3x to get it without worrying about stablity of the code base?

    Thank you,

  2. Yes, we do concur, that’s why we made that suggestion. You should always “worry” about code stability, but branch_3x is as stable as non-release versions get.

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